What we do

Value add corporate services that can enable greater growth for our clients businesses.

  • We understand the operational complexities that can come with running businesses in innovative industries — especially in web3, crypto, finance, and other technologies — and we are here to help.

  • Our clients come to us for a long lasting business partnership while tapping onto our expertise in the web3, crypto, finance, and tech industries.

We provide accounting and taxation services to help our clients match financial standards in markets we serve.

Web3 / crypto companies

Our team brings experience and knowledge in accounting for web3 and crypto, and can uplift business operations for clients in the industry.

Other companies

Our team also possess years of accounting experience across a range of other industries, and can certainly value add to the operations of any business.

We help our clients set up their home in countries that are necessary for their business to grow and develop.

We cover all the necessities and are currently providing our services for:

To incorporation and beyond. We act as a trusted partner for our clients in ensuring all their business administrative needs are met.

Newly incorporated businesses will have this service guaranteed for at least 1 year (subjected to changes based on final quote), and we ensure all necessary documentations are delivered in a timely manner.

Tap into our years of experience and expertise in managing businesses in web3 and crypto. Our team also brings experience in dealing with regulatory frameworks and licensing requirements in Singapore, and we bring valuable insights to uplift your business.

From payroll disbursements, to claims management and more, we ensure our clients’ HR admin needs are well taken care off.

Who we help

Berru provides all-in-one corporate secretarial services for businesses, entrepreneurs, and owners at every stage of their business journey.

  • Web3 and Crypto companies and founders

    Web3 and Crypto companies and founders

    Our team of experts can provide Web3 and crypto accounting services so our clients can focus on what matters for their businesses.

  • Any firm with financial and accounting needs

    Any firm with financial and accounting needs

    Any corporation, business or firm that needs a strong accounting partner (that can also provide access and connections to financial services) fits perfectly into the Berru client DNA.

  • Businesses looking to start or scale in Singapore

    Businesses looking to start or scale in Singapore

    For both local or foreign startups, SMBs, SMEs and/or larger corporations, we complete business incorporations in only a matter of days.

Why others choose Berru

Set up by Singapore entrepreneurs, we understand the complexities of balancing day to day administrative tasks and enabling growth for your business.

  • Simple set up

    Our clients only need to tell us what their business is about, pass us their documents and we’ll get everything sorted in a matter of days.

  • Business admin know-how

    Our team brings years of experience in the corporate and startup worlds to provide our clients with the best solutions for managing their administrative tasks.

  • Bookkeeping and accounting experts

    Our team brings experience in bookkeeping and accounting for Web3, crypto and a range of other businesses.

  • Streamline processes

    Businesses owners can work with a corporate secretary that they know they can trust, and reduce time spent on administrative matters; this can will afford them a lot more time to focus on growth for their business.

  • Tap onto our extensive network

    Our team of experts bring valuable networks that they have built over the years that can help businesses further improve their operational set up in Singapore.

Our partners

Trusted entities that enable us to provide the best possible experience for our clients.

Why Singapore

Singapore is a crypto capital. Known for a stable political environment, access to credible investors, and supportive government initiatives, Singapore is always a top strategic business location for tapping into Asia and the rest of the world.

  • Strong economic fundamentals

  • Transparent tax regime

  • Top tier talent & supportive gov. policies

  • Established regulations for crypto firms

  • Strategic geographic position & connectivity

  • Complete foreign ownership for companies

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