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About Berru
*Beru = bells in Japanese, we spell it with an extra 'r'
Founded in 2022, Berru provides all-in-one corporate secretarial services for businesses, entrepreneurs, and owners.
We provide company incorporation, services to manage client business administrative needs, accounting and taxation needs, human resource management and more, with the goal of streamlining processes to enable greater focus on business growth for our clients.
Our services
Core pillars we work with to streamline business administrative matters for our clients' businesses
Corporate secretarial
Berru acts as a trusted partner for business administrative needs. Our clients only need is to pass us their documents and we’ll have their business running a matter of days.
Accounting & taxation
We provide accounting and taxation services to help our clients match compliance standards in the markets we serve, and enable a financially sound business.
Human resource management
From payroll disbursements, to claim management and more, we ensure our clients’ payroll needs are well taken care of and that their employees are taken care of.
Why Berru?
Ran by Singapore entrepreneurs, we understand the complexities of balancing day to day administrative tasks and enabling growth for your business.
Simple set up
Our clients only need to tell us what their business is about, pass us their documents and we'll get everything sorted in a matter of days.
Business admin know how
Our team brings years of experience in the corporate and startup worlds to provide our clients with the best solutions for managing their administrative tasks.
Bookkeeping and accounting experts
Our team brings experience in bookkeeping and accounting for web 3, crypto and a range of other businesses.
Our clients
Any corporation, business or firm
Local or foreign, startups, SMBs, SMEs and / or larger corporations, we complete incorporations in only a matter of days.
Crypto and web 3 firms
Our team of experts can provide crypto and web 3 accounting services so our clients can focus on what matters for their businesses.
Firms with financial and accounting needs
Any firm that needs a strong accounting partner that can also provide access and connections to financial services fits perfectly into the Berru client DNA.
Become a referral partner
At Berru, we believe strong relations and networks build winning businesses.
Client referral partners
Earn discounts on your next billing and / or cash
When you successfully refer friends to berru
Other referral partners
Earn cash incentives and other perks
When you successfully refer friends to berru
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