Why we created Berru

We saw an opportunity to help founders and businesses of new technologies set up in Asia. While trying to figure out the fit for our own businesses in South East Asia, we found that one of the biggest blockers for growth in newer industries was often knowing how to sort out operational and administrative tasks.

  • With our expertise and knowledge in Singapore and Asia, we seek to collaborate with entrepreneurs as a reliable partner to sort out their corporate needs and enable greater focus for growth in their business.

Our mission

At Berru, we strive to be...

  • A reliable partner that enables growth

    We believe that our role as a corporate service provider is to add value to our client’s businesses and we endeavour to grow together with them. On top of our expertise in the fields of accounting and business administration, we look to develop an immersive partnership experience where clients enjoy high touchpoint corporate services and tap onto our connections for a stable base in Singapore — for greater things across the rest of the world.

  • A provider of quality corporate services

    Facing any issues? We will always be a call or text message away to listen to your issues and provide the best possible solutions. On top of this, we look to provide quality advice on any subject matter within our scope, keeping the cogs of your organisation moving.

  • A home for our clients

    We recognise that building a great company goes beyond just the incorporation. We seek to provide our clients with all the necessary contacts and services to establish a strong home base for them in the countries we serve.

  • A knowledge hub for businesses

    Do not hesitate to contact us simply for a better understanding of Singapore and Asia, even before you become a client. We strive to be a hub where web3, crypto, finance, and other technology founders can visit for understanding of markets they are interested in.

    For our clients, we constantly enrich ourselves with the latest happenings to ensure you get the best possible advice.

Our team

Our team consists of accomplished individuals across various fields of knowledge. We are certain we bring only the best advice and services for your business.

Our expertise

  • Accounting
  • Business Growth
  • Licensing applications
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • And much more

Connect with us

Want to find out more about Berru? Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.