Singapore Business Incorporation Requirements: The Role of Local Directors and Nominee Director Services

Singapore has been a global business hub for various industries for many years, as the country offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to expand in Asia.

Singapore has been a global business hub for various industries for many years, as the country offers a range of benefits for businesses looking to expand in Asia. Regulatory clarity, business infrastructure, and access to other Southeast Asian countries makes it a top destination for many entrepreneurs and business owners.

As stipulated by the Companies Act 1967, if you are looking to incorporate a business entity in Singapore, there are a few requirements that must be fulfilled , such as:

  1. A corporate secretary – appointed within 6 months of incorporation
  2. A local company address
  3. Paid up capital
  4. A local director

What is a nominee director?

As explained, having at least one local director is a regulatory requirement for businesses to incorporate in Singapore.

This is an integral part of the regulatory framework that contributes to the transparency, accountability, and governance of companies operating in Singapore. It ensures that there is a responsible individual with ties to the local community overseeing the company’s operations and adherence to legal obligations.

Foreign businesses, however, might lack access in the local market which might lead to issues with appointing a local director.

Corporate secretarial service companies like understand this and we provide services for clients to fulfil this requirement. We work with local agencies and / or reach out to our network to search for a suitable local director for our clients to fulfil the incorporation requirements in Singapore.

Such services to find locals in Singapore to be the company’s local director is commonplace across corporate secretarial service companies, and it is known as ‘Nominee Director’ services.

Why use nominee director services provided by a corporate secretarial services firm?

If you are entirely new to Singapore but are strongly considering expanding your business there, you might lack connections and network that will help you fulfil the local director requirements. Corporate secretarial services can help you solve this by working with local agencies and / or reaching out to their network. This will greatly streamline the incorporating process for you.

As explained, appointing a company secretary is also a regulatory requirement in Singapore. On top of helping you cut down the time spent to find a local director for your company, directors appointed by the corporate secretarial services firm you engage will build for a closer relationship. This would in turn make management of your business in Singapore easier as well.

What is the role of a nominee director in the company?

Generally, businesses engage nominee director services to just to fulfil the requirements of needing a local director. Such personnel(s) might be required to attend meetings and sign off on important documents for the company, but they do not have real decision-making power unless specified by the beneficial owner. Nominee directors also do bear some risks and liabilities with both parties involved.

Appoint a nominee director with for your business in Singapore

As your business concierge for all corporate services in Singapore, our team at brings a range of expertise in the fields of accounting, corporate secretarial services, and even growth and entrepreneurship. On top of ensuring our clients can fulfil the regulatory requirements, we are able to provide advice, network and guidance for our clients to run their business operations effectively in Singapore.

We pride ourselves as a high touch point corporate services firm and are zealous in seeing our clients grow together with us.

While there are a number of firms that are able to assist with nominee director services in Singapore, at, we work to provide our clients with local directors who have a significant amount of experience and ensure that they receive quality service.

**The nominee director service is only available for clients that appoint us as their company’s secretary