Starting off in or expanding into Singapore

World Bank has ranked Singapore among the top 3 countries in the world for its ease of doing business.

  • Singapore is a global hub for business owing to strong governmental support for business-friendly policies, diverse business ecosystems and world-class infrastructure.

  • Entrepreneurs and foreign companies all over the world are shifting to Singapore to take advantage of its conducive macro-environment that allows companies to incorporate and grow.

  • Singapore’s robust economy coupled with its transparent tax regime and stable political environment have made Singapore one of the top business destinations in South-Asia. Businesses are booming and flourishing in Singapore.

Advantages of Singapore

Jump on the ride and be a part of this dynamic culture.

  • Strong economic fundamentals

    • Resilient & stable economy
    • Healthy economic growth
    • High employment rate
    • Strong investor confidence
  • Transparent tax regime

    • 17% corporate tax rate
    • No capital gains tax
    • No WHT on dividend payment
    • Progressive personal tax rates for tax resident
  • Top tier talent & supportive gov. policies

    • Highly trained & innovative workforce
    • Favorable immigration policy
    • Government subsidized labor cost policies
  • Established regulations for crypto firms

    Regulatory clarity can be a key driving force to accelerate your business growth.

    On 4 January 2021, Singapore became one of the first countries to pass a regulatory framework for web3 and crypto firms. The framework covers a range of activities and the regulatory body regularly consults with the industry before making any amendments.

  • Strategic geographic position & connectivity

    Singapore’s position is within a 6 hour radius of any Southeast Asian country — one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

    Our historical ties and connections with other countries in the region also puts businesses in a favourable position to accelerate understanding of operating in this part of the world.

  • Complete foreign ownership for companies

    Foreign business owners have the opportunity to retain up to 100% ownership of any incorporated company, making Singapore a top destination for expansion.

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