Our services

These are the core pillars we work with to streamline business administration for our clients.

  1. Accounting and taxation

    We provide accounting and taxation services to help our clients match financial standards in markets we serve.

  2. Business incorporation

    We help our clients set foot in countries that are necessary for their business operations to develop.

  3. Corporate secretarial services

    To incorporation and beyond. We act as a trusted partner for our clients in ensuring all their business administrative needs are met.

  4. Web3 or business advisory

    Our clients can also tap on our knowledge, expertise, and networks, to further enhance their operations.

  5. Human resource management

    From payroll disbursements, to claims management and more, we ensure our clients’ HR admin needs are well taken care off.

Accounting and taxation

At Berru, we offer a comprehensive range of accounting and taxation services that will enable your business to fulfill the compliance requirements imposed by the regulatory authorities of Singapore favorably enhancing the integrity, accountability and credibility of your company's reputation.

Accounting services that we provide:
  • Annual / Quarterly / Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Annual / Quarterly / Monthly Management Accounts

  • Unaudited Financial Statements

  • Liaison services for audit process

  • Conversion of Financial Statements into XBRL Format

  • Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)

  • Filing of Corporate Tax Return (Form C or Form CS)

  • Filing of GST Return (Quarterly Basis)

  • Filing of Withholding Taxes (if applicable)

Taxation services — statutory due dates at your fingertips:
  • Corporate Tax
    • Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) — Within 3 months from your financial year end
    • Final Tax Assessment (Form C or Form C/S)
— 30 November
  • Goods & Services Tax
    • 1 month after end of accounting period covered by the return (Quarterly-basis)

Business incorporation

Pass us your documents and we’ll have your business ready in Singapore in just a matter of days.

Corporate secretarial services

At Berru, we are your trusted partner in handling all your administrative needs — with 1st year guarantees in Singapore.

Our expertise includes:
  • Business incorporation

  • Maintaining shareholder relations

  • Maintenance and upkeep of company statutory registers and records

  • Statutory compliance monitoring

  • Preparation of board meetings and AGM

  • ACRA filing and updates

Web3 or business advisory

Tap into our years of experience and expertise in managing businesses in web3 and crypto. Our team also brings experience in dealing with regulatory frameworks and licensing requirements in Singapore, and we bring valuable insights to uplift your business.

This includes:
  • Guidance with managing your web3 operations

  • Assistance with banking services

  • Legal advisor recommendations

  • Any other link ups with our networks

Human resource management

From payroll disbursements, to claim management and more, we ensure that your employees are paid on time.

  • Payroll admin
    • Payroll payment
    • Full payroll services
    • Payroll computation
    • Disbursement of net salary & CPF contribution
    • Issuance of pay slips
    • Employees expense claims
    • Employees’ leaves records
    • Preparation of IR8A forms and appendices
    • Preparation of IR21, NS Make-up pay
    • Government paid maternity leave
  • Work passes application
    • Application of Singapore employment pass (EP)
    • Application of S pass
    • Application of dependent’s pass
    • Application of letter of consent (LOC)
    • Application of long-term visit pass
    • Application of work permit

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